Finding the balance between economic interests, ecological footprints and climate action

CEC is an international consultancy firm specialized on projects by the third sector. Most of our work is related to climate change, renewable energy development and regenerative cities. Mandates include advocacy campaigns as well as policy, research and dialogue formats.


The global energy transition

The discovery of fossil fuels cleared the path for industrialisation with the automation and acceleration of work processes. It ignited a vicious cycle of burning fossil fuels to build bigger machines to drill for more oil, gas and coal to gain capacity for an even bigger technical exhaustion of fossil fuels. Nearly all attributes of the modern age to emerge around 1900 were related to the availability of previously unknown quantities of oil, gas and coal: electricity, mobility, mass production, speed and large-scale infrastructure measures.


Regenerative Cities


The design and functioning of cities is the key to sustainable development. As the international community turns increasingly towards cities and calls upon them to find effective solutions to the world ́s most pressing issues, cities remain at the center of where the improvements can be achieved. Therefore it is important to engage with a role model for cities that aids regenerative urban space, helping to regenerate the resources that are absorbed and that improves the quality of life of cities.


Projects and References

CEC is involved in several projects on sustainability, renewable energy, climate change and regenerative cities and include mandates on advocacy, convening, network building and campaigning. Partners and clients include governmental, non-governmental and private sector institutions.