Exemplary Projects and References

Renewable energy

Current projects examples:
  • Senior Advisory mandate for the Aid by Trade Foundation
  • Strategic Advisory Mandate for the Climate, Energy and Cities Department of the World Future Council Foundation
Previous projects:
  • Research on Local Reneawable Energy Development Strategies (European Commission)
  • Global 100% Renewable Energy Campaign (since 2012): A global advocacy campaign initated by the WFC and others advocating ambitious renewable energy targets on the regional, national and international levels. 
  • Power to the People (2010-2016): An advocacy project by the WFC that ran for several years to help accelerate the deployment of renewable energy in African countries. This project included policy research, public engagement elements and alliance building. 

Regenerative Cities

Current project examples:

Stefan Schurig serves as managing director of the Toni Piëch Foundation.

Previous projects:
  • International Expert Commission on Cities and Climate Change (2009-2011): An international group of 40 climate experts, renowned architects, urban planners and policymakers that worked for some three years on a new role model for sustainable cities. This resulted in the 'regenerative city' concept which has become official UN language. It's one out nine key recommendations by the UN lead World Urban Campaign. the concept of a Regenerative City suggests that cities constantly regenerate the resspurces they absorb.
  • Regenerative Cities in China: Judged by either its speed or scale, China has fully exceeded developed countries in urbanization progress. The magnificent scale of cities and rapid urbanization in China make sustainable development a priority that not only concerns Chinese policy-makers, but also draws attentions from the entire world. The WFC launched the Regenerative Cities program in 2015 to stand with China in meeting the inevitable challenges that occur during sustainable urbanization reform. After one year of trial and error, 2016 marked the second year since the WFC initiated the Regenerative Cities program.
  • Future of Cities Forum (since 2011): A conference series on the Future of Cities founded by the WFC with annual high-level gatherings in different parts of the world including India, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Uganda, China and others.

Climate action

Current project examples:

F20 – foundations platform: The F20 Foundations Platform convenes more than 60 foundations and philanthropic organizations from different parts of the world in order to further shape the political discourse on future sustainability measures in the context of the G20 states and beyond. F20 provides a platform to foundations that want to be part of the solution - namely implementing the Paris Climate Agreement and accelerating the transition towards renewable energy. The F20 Head Office is hosted by the Hamburg based Environmental Foundation Michael Otto. CEC is managing the F20 secretariat and coordinates its activities.

  • Support of the Business Declaration on ambitous climate action of the the Stiftung 2°